Title: GeceSeferi (NightRide)

Type: Competiton Project

Year: 2015

Client: Has Elevator Company

Award: Third Prize

It was requested to design elevator cabin aestheticaly, practicable.


Beyond  being a functional object, elevator  with its interior space brings out a kind of experimenting place where people have idiosyncratic ways of behavior and etiquette. Instead of production technology and efficiency of elevator, "NightRide" investigates the space experience that is triggered by its interior conditions. "NightRide" is a cabin design model that is purposed to reduce negative psychological effects stemming from its narrow and closed interior form.

Claustrophobia, which can be defined as a severe spatial experience that is felt by humans who have high spatial sensibility in narrow and closed spaces, is the most extreme example of negative psychological impact of elevators. Elevator triggers this pathological fear because of its closed form that makes it hard to escape from interior to exterior.

In addition to that, physical conditions such as narrowness and closeness which have effect on claustrophobic people, also  have same but less impact on non-claustrophobic people. Together with fear psychology, scientific research on human behaviors  which occur in the elevator cabin, shows lots of ways and reasons of those behaviors specialized for this space.

Avoiding eye contact, defending peri-personal space occupied by body, making strategies to locate oneself according to the number of people in the cabin are the major behaviors observed during those research. It was also seen that those kind of behaviors, mostly are not based on rational reasons but instinctive and automatic ones which are related to defense mechanism of a person from another. This is because people who meet or come across each other try to communicate one arm length distance between their bodies.  For the majority of the elevators, there is not enough space for this instinctive behavior, and because of that people tend to act in unusual ways.

"NightRide" aims to convert uncomfortable space experience, which leads up to violation of borders of personal space and closed space perception, by creating visual illusion without touching physical dimensions of the elevator cabin. "NightRide", by using the mirror, glass and led light as design compounds creates the infinitive light mirror and transforms the closeness and narrowness of the elevator cabin. Users experience the interior of elevator as a volume which extends to the void through visual illusion.

Visual illusion created inside of the cabin of NightRide,  by representing the stars that seem to us from infinite void of night sky, gives a reference of universe's space.