Title: Submarine Washed Society

Type: Internatıonal Design Competition

Year: 2014

Client: MatterBetter

Award: Final- top50


Collaborate: Ogul Oztunc

Transformation possibilities of the 'image of fear' projected by warfare machines are researched trough analysing a recent architectural competition about Typhoon: the giant nuclear submarine of cold war-era.

Weapons are used more for constructing an image of fear than for killing. Deadly vehicles, fatal bombs, aircrafts, tanks and underwater crafts; 'The war machine' plays an extraordinary role building the common image of fear. Research specifically dwells upon an international architectural competition organized by matterbetter in 2014, about transforming the image of giant nuclear submarine of cold war-era; 'The Typhoon'. Analysing the proposals submitted by designers all around the world is chosen as method of investigation.

How the unseen underwater fear spreading killing machine effected society and how to transform the image it formed in the memory of the individuals? Overall, we aim to explore the power of image through the re-use of this warfare machine . Would they be placed inside museums, would they be torn apart and destroyed, would they leak into our daily life and make the individuals life better or would they become objects of art? How and where would we encounter the new appearance of those objects that were once frightening?